Major Announcement!

You may have noticed a change in the number of titles in the books menu.

In addition to the forthcoming Shifter’s Claim series I’ve decided to list all of my paranormal titles on the site.

Some of you may know I also write books under my married name Lucy Leroux. The reason for two pen names is so that my readers always know what they are getting. I don’t distinguish by genre, instead I separate by sexual content. My Lucy Leroux titles include explicit (and satisfying) sex scenes.

For more on this and other major decisions about Dmitri and the other characters you love read the full blog post HERE!

In other news Water is scheduled to start in a few months. I will be publishing Black Widow, A Spellbound Regency book two in September and am working on an amazing super secret project for Charmed Legacy! Having a baby has killed my word count but my sister is flying out for TWO months, so I hope to have a really productive end of summer.

If you have any other questions I’ll get back to you here!



Any updates on the release of Air? I’ve really enjoyed Fire, but know with children it’s difficult to portion time for everything in one day, and that’s without writing! I also wanted to say my kids are great inspiration but don’t forget about you and making time for your creativity to have an outlet. Many parents have date nights but try to incorporate a writing day or nigh fit yourself. That has been wonderful for me. Looking forward to Air and blessings on yourself and family.


Hi Angie!
I’m about half-way done with Air. It was briefly shelved so I could wrap up another project but that’s pretty much done now. I will be making finishing Air my next priority—second only to baby. Husband comes third :p


Any updates on a release date for Air ? Hope all is well with the Baby, Book and Husband lol


Air is with the editor! I expect it back in a few weeks. Publication will be sometime this fall. Hopefully early fall.


Water is next, but I haven’t written it yet. Currently working on the follow up to Cursed, one of my Lucy Leroux titles…


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