Welcome to the Elementals!

Hello paranormal romance fans!
I’m L.B. Gilbert, former scientist turned author. You might know me by another name and are curious about my new series.  The Elementals was conceived long ago before I wrote any of my romance novels. I’ve decided to publish it under my maiden name to distinguish it from my other books. Though you might see some similarity to my already published works, the Elementals has different objectives and goals. It’s a series focused on powerful independent women in a setting full of endless possibilities.

Fire: The Elementals Book One is actually the first book I wrote, but I didn’t publish it because I decided to launch my contemporary romance series first. These fantasy novels are more intricate and detailed than my contemporary work so they take longer to write and edit 😉

I’ve decided I’ve waited long enough to bring you Fire, which is hands down the favorite amongst my beta readers. Maybe you’re one of them and that’s why you’re reading this now. If that is you, I have started the follow-up, Air. I’m 30K+ words in, but I recently had a child and had to put it on the back burner.  I hope to get back to it very soon because I already love it. I’m even exploring dictation software so I can make some headway even when I can’t physically sit down and write.

Keep checking this blog for progress on the series. This is also where I’ll be announcing special offers, contests, and deals from myself and my expanding circle of awesome writer friends!


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