Little change to my Fb profile pic :P

So after a little thought I decided to change my author pic on facebook to the elementals logo. It was the one nice picture I’ve taken in forever.  I liked using it as my official author pic, but I just kept getting a lot of spam from random men. Not only did the Frenchman complain (cause of the whole being married to him thing), but it was a bit of a problem.

Like so many other corners of the internet, some men on FB assume that all women should be dying to talk to them and get angry when you’re honest about not having time for that. Admittedly I was pretty lax about accepting friend requests since I can’t tell who is a fan or not. And I’m old enough to know what to expect, but it’s still offputting having to deal with an irate stranger when you’re trying to get shit done or dealing with a sick baby.

Gotta love that internet. Sorry future randos. If it’s not obviously book related I’m just going to ignore/unfriend you.


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