Major Announcement!

Major Announcement!

You may have noticed a change in the number of titles in the books menu.

In addition to the forthcoming Shifter’s Claim series I’ve decided to list all of my paranormal titles on the site.

Some of you may know I also write books under my married name Lucy Leroux. The reason for two pen names is so that my readers always know what they are getting. I don’t distinguish by genre, instead I separate by sexual content. My Lucy Leroux titles include explicit (and satisfying) sex scenes.

For a long time I’d intended on keeping these worlds separate, but life happens and the line quickly blurred. My list of paranormal titles is expanding and I want to give my readers a chance to keep up with those steamier books. My Lucy Leroux heroines are not of the kick butt variety but they are strong confident women (or witches) that more often than not rescue themselves when necessary.  If hot sex scenes don’t bother you I highly recommend you check them out!

There’s another reason for this change. After long thought I’ve decided to share certain book worlds. Once the Elementals is wrapped I will start writing about the seven witch families like the Delavordo’s and Burgess clans. It’s an incredibly ambitious plan—I plan to highlight a critical moment in time for each family. Their stories will span the world, different centuries, and possibly cross dimensions.

Some of the stories I envision wouldn’t work without steamy sex. As an author I’m a big believer in letting the story tell itself. So I’ve decided not to fight my natural inclination. The Seven Families books will alternate between clean and steamy and will consequently be published under both pen names. The same is true for the Shifter’s Claim series. I have a very clear picture of how Dmitri’s story begins but he’s too sexy to work as an L.B. Gilbert hero. So he gets to be a Lucy Leroux one instead.

I know there are some diehard readers out there who appreciate that my Elemental stories don’t include explicit sex. I am not forgetting about you! There will always be stories for you. It’s just taking me a little longer to finish everything I want to write now that I’m a mom—FYI I wrote this post with a toddler lying on top of me :p. It’s one of the reasons I need to try and be as productive as possible. For me that means letting my characters do what they need to do, including having rich sex lives when appropriate.

I hope everyone understands!



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