Myths and Magic Spotlight – R. E. Vance

Introducing R. E. Vance, author of Pick Your Potion

R.E. Vance lives in Edinburgh with his wife, one year old kid and imaginary dog where he enjoys a beautiful city, whisky (Scottish spelling, not mine) and long walks. All he really wants is to write stories based in Paradise Lot (and elsewhere). All he really hopes for is that his child is healthy (ten fingers, ten toes and at least two eyes are a good start) and that eventually he can can get a real dog so that he can have an excuse to go on even more long walks.

First the gods left, then the Others came.

What were once thought of as myths— dragons, fae, minotaurs … even friggin’ Medusa—now live among us.

When the Others came, I was one of the first to sign-up to fight them. I figured this was my home, and they had no right being here. But I was wrong. Now I’m the sucker who’s helping them fumble through life on this (literally) godforsaken planet.

If I thought life was a bitch before, I had no clue what I was talking about. Try mothering a ragtag group of misfits—an inebriated angel, a succubus, and my poltergeist mother-in-law—in other words, my hotel’s long-term tenants.

And as if my daily drama isn’t enough, a grim Other stalks the night, tormenting, torturing, killing—and the only rhyme or reason for any of it seems to stem from my past. A past I’m trying to leave behind.

Gone God damn it! Just what I need.

The Gone God world may be bleak—a place where magic is mundane and faith only a chimera, but it’s my world … my home. So time to get to work.

My name is Jean-Luc Matthias, and right now I’m the only guy standing between another miserable day and the apocalypse.

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