Myths and Magic Spotlight – Melle Amade and Michael Trozzo

Introducing Melle Amade and Michael Trozzo,

authors of I Am Human

About Melle:

My days are spent in an office overlooking Los Angeles International Airport where I work as a Director of Marketing for a data center technology firm, which wouldn’t make you think I had an MFA in film with an emphasis on writing from Chapman University. However, I also have degrees in visual communications and global communications, which allowed me to work for some of the finest technology firms in the world. In my spare time I have penned six screenplays, four stage plays, an opera libretto, numerous short stories, and five manuscripts for novels. My heart lies with my manuscripts, which are focused on YA and New Adult audiences and range in subject from Vikings in Iceland to Knights Templar in Italy to Aborigine mysticism in Australia to shapeshifters in Los Angeles.

Michael Trozzo Bio:

MICHAEL TROZZO is a novelist, feature film writer/director, and avid science fiction fan. His film, Falling Away, was shown internationally on major cable networks. His award-winning, end of the world romantic comedy screenplay, The Beautiful Things, has recently been adapted into a novel slated to be released in early 2018. He is drawn to stories that blend moments of humor with emotional connection and likes to find that in life as well.

A hybrid plague is about to destroy the most advanced civilization on earth. The only solution is in the past.

Charlie Richards of Topeka, Kansas, was by all credible accounts, a remarkable unremarkable man. Which made it even more remarkable when Jadyn of Crowley showed up to The Lonely Tree Tavern, proclaiming to be from the future, that Charlie Richards was the creator of her people, and that he was the savior they needed from a plague that threatened the hybrids Charlie would one day create. Charlie responded, correctly, by drinking as much as he could.

That was just the beginning of the odd turns Charlie’s life would take, as to be expected when time-travel, assassins, a ridiculously self-involved C.E.O., and Opalium plated deadly robots are involved. It would take unremarkable Charlie Richards centuries into the future, where he was the only one that might fix the broken code that plagued an entire race he helped create.

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