A little Earth…WIP

He marveled at the size of the mushroom. “That thing must weigh more than half a pound. I know a restaurant in Berkeley that would give you a free dinner in exchange for a mushroom like this.”

“I think we can manage something better than Chez Panisse.”

His face lit up. “You know it?”

“Food appears to be an interest we have in common. I’m surprised you know it, having spent the last few years in the wilds of Costa Rica.”

“I did take the occasional vacation,” he said before getting down to business of cooking. 

She soon discovered that when it came to mushrooms, Salvador was an artist. Considering he prepared the entire meal without the benefit of pots and pans he did an admirable job.

“I may have to keep you around,” she said when she was done eating. 


Blinking Gia met Salvador’s eyes. He seemed perfectly serious. 

“Are we going to head out to the next ley line cluster now?” 

“Uh, sure. If you’re not tired. Alternatively, we can head out in the morning if you’d rather call it a night.”

“I can make it,” he began saying before jerking his head sharply. A rending sound filled the air as the earth split right where she’d been poking the ground.

Gia groaned as a mass and roughly-hewn hand appeared, clawing it’s way out of the earth. 

Chingado. We woke it up.”

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