• Wait! Are you also Lucy Leroux? Why do you have two pen names?

Yes, I also publish as Lucy Leroux and the short answer is sex! As a reader I was always disappointed when my favorite characters didn’t get lucky on the page, but when I started writing I quickly recognized that some stories don’t work when the characters jump into bed together.

That’s when I decided to separate my books, not by genre, but by sexual content. At first it was easy. My Elemental books wouldn’t work as well as they do with steamy scenes. However the world and cast of characters has expanded and some of them are too carnal to restrain 😛.

This is why the Shifter’s claims and the future Seven Family novels will be cross-listed under both pen names. Steamy titles will have Lucy Leroux listed first, no-sex-on-the-page novels will have LB Gilbert first.

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