The Seven Families

To Hell and Back

To Hell and Back

He will follow her to HELL AND BACK…

Orphaned and on the run, Valeria will do all she can to save herself from the enemies who want to steal her power and her life. Trusting nobody, she keeps to herself and refuses to let anyone into her life—or her heart. But when she ducks into a store for sanctuary, everything changes. Suddenly, Valeria is faced with the future she's always feared. Is she destined for an eternity of pain and suffering?

Draconis Imperia leader, Rhys lives with his clan on earth since God was a boy. Losing his one soulmate destroyed everything Rhys ever wanted and believed in. And when he encounters Valeria, it's like seeing a ghost. But the fiery and mistrustful witch is nothing like the innocent and angelic woman he remembers in his dreams.   

Valeria refuses to succumb to the temptations of the irresistible Rhys. She's hellbent on protecting herself—and he's determined to uncover the truth. But when her enemies drag her to Hell, Rhys will do anything to rescue her. Can one dragon fight like Hell to save the witch he loves?


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The Seven Families is a brand new spin-off series from USA Today Bestselling Author L.B. Gilbert. Book One is coming soon but if you can't wait, check out the ELEMENTALS books, the AWARD-WINNING SERIES that started it all!

The Seven Families is a shared world written by one person—L.B. Gilbert, aka Lucy Leroux. If the book has Lucy Leroux listed first expect steamy scenes! Those with L.B. Gilbert listed first are clean fun rides with a lower heat level. All books in this series can be read independently.

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Don’t Touch

Don’t Touch

Giving new meaning to the words off-limits.

Psychometrist and witch, Nova Navarro is on her own. After her father-figure and former employer dies, she organizes her own auction, seeking a patron who can protect her. The ability to read objects makes her a hot commodity in the witching world. With one touch of any item, Nova detects curses and secrets within it.

Zhi Zheng, the auction's winner, is one of the world’s most feared telepaths. As the new head of an old and dangerous magic family, he can't let Nova's gift fall into his enemies' hands. He must safeguard his investment at all costs. However, the more time he spends with her, the more he craves her. But Nova’s power is so extreme, one touch of Zhi's skin on hers will send her into uncontrollable convulsions. He can’t risk Nova's safety for his own selfish pleasure.

As his rivals attempt to steal his precious prize, Zhi risks everything to keep her safe. They must face the threat head on or die trying. But will one touch be enough to save them?


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